STO Nation Newsletter

STO Nation Newsletter

February 10th, 2022

STO Nation!

Hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones you love the most and care about ?. Can you believe it’s December and Christmas is right around the corner? How time flies by fast – but if you’re waiting for your MODE, then that’s a good thing! ?

Before moving on, I have one super huge request to ask: I have a personal goal to get to 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel before New Years – currently it’s at 941. The huge favor I ask of you is to help support the team by subscribing to the YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already so we can reach the 1,000 subscriber goal!!

Thank you again for supporting and subscribing to STO Nation, so without further ado, here is everything going on and what to expect this month!!

Major Announcements:

Reminder: The STO Nation team will be taking a holiday break from Nov – Dec. This means that there will be no podcasts/episodes released until after the new year.

  • Don’t worry, we’ll be back in full force with a new episodes dropping Jan 5, 2022.
  • This break is much needed; we’ve pumped out well over 35 plus episodes and over 40 YouTube videos since March 1st.

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New Year’s Overlanding Trip – Spots are still available!!
  • Dec 31st – Jan 2nd (Fri – Sun)
  • Meeting point will be in Austin, NV -approximately 4.5 hours north of Las Vegas on the 31st. We will then be working our way south and end the trip approx 30 minutes north of Las Vegas.
  • Bottles of Champaign, decorations, noise makers, ect will be provided to ring in 2022 right!
  • New Update: Agile Off Road will be providing a photographer so we can all have EPIC PICS!!! ?

Agenda includes:

First Day: a fun day of driving to the campsite (BLM) while visiting cool scenic places on the way.

  • Then we’ll set up camp and put up the decorations.
  • Then have an awesome catered dinner.
  • We’ll start the NYE party by a live concert by none other than Jason Walsmith ?
  • Then ring in the New Years STO Nation style!!! It’ll be a NYE party to remember!!

Second Day: a full day of recovery and overlanding

  • You WILL get stuck and learn how to recover yourself!
  • You’ll also learn about the proper equipment needed, map reading, and how to navigate obstacles correctly and safely.
  • All meals will be catered this day!

Last/Third Day

  • Wake up to a catered breakfast
  • Answer any remaining questions on overlanding and what we did the day prior.
  • Head back out to civilization to face 2022!
  • We’ll end everything at approx 12pm so you’ll have time to get back home.
  • Email: with the subject line NYE for more details or visit the FB group meetings section.
STO Nation 1st Anniversary Party: Mountain Bike Style
  • Currently planning to be held in the beginning to mid March 2022 in Bentonville and Fayetteville, AR to celebrate STO Nation’s 1st year anniversary.
  • Looking to plan a social on Saturday night that includes drinks and a make-your-own-pizza!
  • Tentative dates are March 11-13, 2022.
  • Assessinging if a professionmountainain bike coach is needed/desired – may have small clinic in the morning (cost TBD).
Wine Tour
  • Currently planning a 3 day winery tour in mid to late May 2022 around Los Alamos, CA.
  • Only 20 people will be able to attend (not 20 vans).
  • A special shout out to Karen Gearhart-Jensen for helping plan this!!! ?
Annual Fly Fishing Meetup
  • Tentatively planned for fall 2022.
  • Considering southern MT/northern ID
Upcoming Episodes for December 2021: None
Useful Tools You Can Use On the STO Nation Website

  • Buy/Sell/Trade your STO accessories, equipment, and van.
  • Every item that has been posted here has been sold!
  • No limit of items to post for sale.
Find A Sales Person
  • Designed to put the power back into the the buyer’s hand!
  • Instead of calling a dealership and not being able to choose who you buy from because you don’t know who they are, this tool alleviates that problem.
  • Every sales person is ‘STO Nation endorsed.’ This means that the sales people know what Storyteller is all about, are knowledgeable with the STO, will go out of their way to help you, and have kept an outstanding reputation in the community.
  • Please welcome Kristina Shire as the newest member!
Knowledge Base

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without our sponsors STO Nation couldn’t happen, period. And if you know me, which most of you do, I’m very choosy on who I let become a sponsor. That said it would be greatly appreciated if you took some time to learn how they support our community ?.

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The entire STO Nation team wishes everyone the warmest holiday wishes and happiest of New Years ?. Until next month, we can’t wait to share the road with you!

~ YoungWa
Park Media, LLC
Founder and Executive Producer of STO Nation