Cargo Tray Slide-Out

GLSS™ ‘18, ‘19, ‘20 Winnebago Revel 4x4

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Turn your Winnebago Revel storage
and garage into the ultimate lounge
and storage area.

installing the GLSS into van

3 Minute Set-Up

This system is the lightest and most durable product on the market.

the garage lounge storage system

Portable – Sets Up In Minutes

The GLSS™ slides right in and anchors down to the cargo tie downs. Unhook the included straps and remove it to free up the entire garage. This system has been put through the test. No squeaking. No rattles. No shifting. No bouncing. And if you want to make it permanent, we can supply/sell you the floor brackets to do so.

storage bins


The GLSS™ Offers more storage space than typical containers. It also includes 2 cargo nets on each of the seat ends, that are pre-assembled onto the base. Theres also enough space in between both storage seats (24″) to add a couple extra storage bins. Not to mention a bicycle or two if needed. Drivers side storage base is 24″ Deep x 47″ Wide x 16.5″ High. Passenger side storage base is 16″ Deep x 47″ Wide x 16.5″ High. Turn your garage into the ultimate Winnebago Revel storage area.

Modular and lightweight

and Durable

gray cushions
gray cushion
Marine Grade Vinyl Cushions

3/4″ plywood base, medium density 4″ foam, marine vinyl upholstery.

picture of man sitting in front of table with wine
Lagun System and Table Top

Includes one of the most efficient table systems on the market. Move it, turn it, and spin it. Just add your favorite beverage.

blue sleeping bag
Adds Another Sleeping Solution

Take the seat cushions off and you’ll have another extremely comfortable bed option in the hallway.

Heater Vent Space

Detailed framing around the heater vent ensures great air flow out into the hallway.

white dog laying on seat
Pets Approved

We loved our Revel the way we bought it, but after we added the GLSS™, the whole adventure van experience was elevated. ~ Jason