Photo Studio On Wheels - Working out of my Sprinter

Check out the new addition to my 2020 Winnebago Revel from Canyon Adventure Vans. I now have a full work station and additional storage to the back garage of my sprinter. I also do a hands-on portrait demonstration of Jason the owner of CAV on the side of my van truly making it a Studio on Wheels at the end of this video.

Our Friends in the VanLife Comunity

Extraordinary Adventuring

Experience the ultimate in luxurious adventuring with Canyon Adventure Vans. Our innovative modular systems and custom fit mobile interiors are designed to optimize your exploration in style. Get ready to take your adventuring to a whole new level of luxury.
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story teller overland

How to maximize your camper van’s garage space

Because Storyteller Overland vans have an empty garage area with an L-track and Murphy bed, you can turn the garage into anything you want – extra seating, extra storage, or even an extra kitchen.
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The Grit & Glamour of Making Insanely Cool Adventure Vans

Dedicated to living an adventurous life beyond their sunny California location in L.A., Jenna Stewart and Jason Vigil customized their camper van into a rentable adventure van using their handy skills.
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11. Jason Vigil & Jenna Stewart - Founders and Owners of Canyon Adventure Vans

On this episode the founders and owners of Canyon Adventure Vans talk about their new Garage Storage System (GSS) and Countertop Seating System (CSS). We also dive into behind the scene team work of Jason & Jenna to make sure CAVans works like a well oiled machine.
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