INHABIT Floor Mat System for the 2021+ Revel

INHABIT Floor Mat System for the 2021+ Revel

From: $1,799

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Lead Time- 2-3 Weeks
*Shower Mat not Included

Add that comfy cozy feeling or simply make your Revel easier to clean with the INHABIT Floor Mat System for the 2021+ Revel. *Shower Mat not included


Designed specifically for the interior layout of the Winnebago Revel, these mats are simple to install and stay in place due to an innovative snap and velcro system.

Mats are handmade in the PNW from marine-grade materials. This means they are durable, weatherproof and easy to clean.

These mats take away that cold feeling of the factory floor. They offer a comfortable barrier that is both soft (due to a rubber backing) and durable.

Mats also come with side-step mats to keep those rigid plastic steps from getting filled with debris. Great for capturing dirt and snow if you use your Revel for biking, hiking, or skiing (that’s all anyone does right!?).

  • Woven Vinyl with Soft Cushion Latex Backing
  • Front Set only or entire floor from driving area to back of garage area.
  • Marine-grade materials
  • Snap-in system
  • Removable for cleaning


To clean, wipe with a cloth or remove them and hose them off.


*Due to the unique variability of the Revel interiors, some small gaps may appear. We have worked incredibly hard to make them fit perfectly but we have found the tolerance from Revel to Revel can vary.

**E-Parking Break – Some Sprinters have an E-Parking break in place of the mechanical. We do not have a separate set of mats for the E-Parking break as it was a very small number of vans and has been discontinued by Mercedes. If you have the E-Parking Break you will have a small cutout in the front “T” area.