OWL Sprinter Side Steps (rails)

OWL Sprinter Side Steps (rails)

From: $1,999.98


Lead Times: 4-8 weeks depending on availability
Flat Rate Shipping – Oversize box
Installation Fees:
Stock Sprinter: $1200
2020 Revel: $800
Revel 2021-Present: $600

The most OWL anticipated product ever. Side steps, nerf bars, rock sliders, running boards have many names, but they can be one of the most functional parts of your van regardless of what you call them.



  • Available for 144″ and 170″ vans
  • Material: Tig Welded Aluminum (with a steel tread plate)
  • Tread Plate sold separately ($49)
  • Pet Friendly
  • Works with Owl Side Ladder and Gray water drain on Revel
  • Color: Powder Coated Black
  • Mountable – Sherpa hole design allows cargo mounting (limit 20 lbs per side)
  • DIY friendly install
  • Mounting Options: Sprinter, Revel, and Storyteller
  • These are not intended as structural sliders and you cannot jack up the vehicle on them
  • Rivnut tool needed for DIY kit and STO. Please see link below:https://www. amazon.com/gp/product/B06XVB3MMG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ABM88BG2T8GM2&psc=1


  • Sprinters 2007-Present
  • Revel 2021-Present (requires a rivet nut gun and moving the front bracket backward)
  • Revel 2018-2020 (only works if you have relocated the AGM battery out from underneath – commonly with a RoamRig system)