ULTRA Luxe Mattress – Made for the Storyteller Overland Mode

ULTRA Luxe Mattress – Made for the Storyteller Overland Mode



Lead time 4-6 Weeks
Shipping $290

ULTRA Luxe Mattress - Made for the STORYTELLER OVERLAND MODE "Feels like home." *Not compatible with Mode LT (Ford Transit STO)


Our all new ULTRA Luxe Mattress “Feels like home”!

This new mattress is as good or better than your home mattress. We partnered with a local high-end mattress manufacturer to help us create the first ever “Home Mattress” for your van. We go through extremes finding the perfect home mattress, so why not for our vans? Look no further, because we believe this is the best mattress a van has ever seen.

Whats it made of? Pocket Coils, Latex and a pillow top with Cool Gel.

100% made in the USA



4 Piece Mattress Set

5″ Mattress

Hand Crafted Locally

Our Ultra Luxe Mattress is made right here in our backyard. Our Premier luxury Mattresses are hand built by artist who have been making high-end residential mattresses for over 35 years. Our slogan says “feels like home”, because it’s a home mattress custom cut, finished and produced specifically for our specific van models.

Pillow top with Cool Gel


Pocket Coils