Groove Lounge Mattress Topper for the Storyteller

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Struggling with uncomfortable sleep or lack of a pet-friendly space in your Storyteller Groove Lounge?

The new Groove Lounge Mattress Topper is made to fit the lounge perfectly for a comfortable nights sleep. It folds up and stows away behind the flex space. Not just for yourself, flip it over and it can also serve as a cozy bed for your furry friends.

This versatile topper enhances your travel experience, proving essential for both comfort and space management.

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Level up your groove lounge.

Additional Bed In Your Van

Crafted to perfectly fit the Storyteller Groove Lounge, this 3" foam mattress significantly improves your sleeping and lounging experience.


Not just a bed for you, but also for your pets. Flip over the Groove Lounge Mattress Topper to reveal a durable, cozy bed for pets. The water-repellent fabric and sturdy canvas bottom make it an great place for your pet to relax.

Space-Saving Functionality

Maximize your van's space with the Groove Lounge Mattress Topper. When folded dimensions of 33" W x 18" L mean easy storage behind the flex space.

Improved Sleeping Experience.

Where Comfort Meets the Road.

Improved Sleeping Experience.

Where Comfort Meets the Road.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bill H.
I Contacted CAV to have

I Contacted CAV to have several of their products added onto my Van. Jenna was very professional, pleasant & patient with me providing product information, scheduling and financing. Technicians Emily and Aaron did all my add-ons in one day, even staying after hours to complete. After installation I was impressed with all the products and how well they were installed. I highly recommend CAV!!!

Celeste C.
Groove lounge comfort

Makes the groove lounge a comfy bed. We like that it doesn't need to be inflated and rolls up easy to stow using the attached strap.

Donald O.
Not worth the money- Great idea but poorly executed

I had to sleep on the groove lounge one night and it was very uncomfortable so I decided to buy this. When it arrived immediately I was not impressed with the feel of the cover this is supposed to make the lounge more comfortable so I expected it to feel like something I wanted to lay on I don’t and I must put something over it just so I can’t feel the cover. I feel like they went for durability over comfort to the touch. Then I put in on the lounge and laid on it and was not impressed with the comfort of the padding either, it’s better than laying directly on the lounge but not by much! Honestly l keep going back to for this price point l expected a lot and was completely disappointed! To me this product was a complete miss. I don’t like the feel of it nor do I like the barely noticeable difference it makes of how hard the lounge is when laying on it. For $400 I expect it to turn the lounge into something l want to sleep on not something l tolerate when the main bed isn’t available! They got the size right but only that. I wanted to return it but my wife said the size being good and the packability of it was enough. So I had to order a twin size foam topper then used their foam pad as a template and cut mine to match and put both inside the cover. Now it’s actually thick enough that I don’t feel the lounge when I lay on it but there is still the issue of the cover so l make sure I cover it with a heavy blanket so I don’t feel the cover material!

Mark F.
Game changer for ST Groove Lounge

A must have item for the groove lounge! This allows you to use as an actual bed in comfort!!! I now spend most of my time when inside my van on the lounge using this product. (Preferred spot by pet dog)

Chad G.
Love it!

Looks like it was made by storyteller. Fits perfectly, comfortable to sleep on and rolls up so it fits in the GSS. Great design and quality!

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