Upfitting your van into the ultimate Adventure Van

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We Enhance ALL Sprinter Vans. Including Winnebago Revel, Storyteller Overland Mode, Jayco Terrain, Entegra Launch and more.

We carry and install all of the Top Brand Manufacturers.

Upfitting Your Van

Hammerhead Bumper – CAtuned Off-Road

Clean and compact, this bumper walks the perfect line between being rugged and purposeful but not so big it destroys the lines of the Sprinter. CAtuned Off-Road’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter front bumper integrates all the features you are looking for into one clean, bolt-on, heavy-duty package.

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We currently carry Baja and KC lights. Add them to your bumper, roof rack, or even create scene lights to light up your camp in the evenings.

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Owl Boxes

We stock and install all Owl Vans Boxes. Choose between medium, large and ski locker boxes.

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Accessories – Fiskars Axe     Agency 6 Shovels     DMOS Shovels

Owl Expedition Tire Carrier

The best advice we can give you, is to take your spare from underneath your van and have it mounted and readily available on an Owl Tire Carrier.

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Owl Ladder and Tire Carrier

With the Owl Ladder and Tire carrier, you will have easy access to your roof deck and have access to your spare tire if needed. Double bonus!

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Accessories – Expedition Handle

Owl Hitch Step

Trust us, you need a rear step to get in and out of your van safely. We climb in and out of vans everyday and having a step makes life so much easier.

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Owl Side Ladder

If you have a roof rack and or stow gear up top, a side ladder is a must. Owl nailed it with this low profile, easy to climb ladder!

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Owl Sherpa

The Sherpa is the perfect platform to add a medium box, rotopax, shovel or axe to.

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Owl B2 – Bike and Box Carrier

If you want a large box or a bike carrier on the back of your sprinter van, the B2 is where it all starts. We recommend using the B2 for mounting heavier items to.

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DMOS Shovel

Having a shovel in or on your van while off-roading is a must. We like to be prepared for any and all situations.

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