Sofa Bed System – Made for the 2021+ Revel

Sofa Bed System – Made for the 2021+ Revel



Lead time 10-12 Weeks

The Sofa Bed System - Made for the 2021+ Winnebago Revel 4x4


Looking for a way to make your Winnebago Revel more comfortable? Check out our Sofa Bed System! This system turns your passenger bench seat into a comfortable sofa that also doubles as a bed, not to mention a great dog bed. You can hang out and enjoy beautiful views out your sliding door, or get cozy and pull up the optional bamboo table for a nice meal or workstation. When it’s time for bed, just slide the bed frame out and unfold the back cushion on top. Done! Enjoy a sound sleep on this sturdy bed system. Our Sofa Bed System is the perfect way to make your 2021+ Revel more comfortable and enjoyable.


Sofa Bed System with Cushions

Available Options:

Foot Rest – $150

SKINNY 2.0 Folding Console Table w/ Cup Holders / Lagun System – $599

*Does not include the pillow or blankets that are shown in pictures.


Sets up in minutes. Bolt 3 legs on and you’re done!

  • Stays in place while traveling