Canyon's Storyteller Overland Mode

A list of mods in our CAVans Enhanced Storyteller.

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Reimagining The Van Life.

A look into one of the most iconic vehicles in the industry. The Canyon Storyteller.

Creating the CLIMA-SHADE™

Our first thought for improving our Storyteller was the window covers. Instead of removable ones, we introduced our CLIMA-SHADE™ line—insulated covers that zip open and closed, eliminating the need for storage and maximizing space.

Still, we needed a creative solution for cab window covers that needed to be removed when driving. After several iterations, we designed the Showtime Curtain: an easy to install, insulated, all-in-one cab window cover that's present when needed and effortlessly moved out of the way when not in use.

Getting Comfortable

The Storyteller Groove Lounge and Murphy bed system are flexible, innovative designs that set up quickly as sleeping areas while still being easy to move when you need more space.

We love these designs, but they just don’t compare to the comfort of a home mattress. To compensate, we developed our Groove Lounge Mattress Topper and Luxe Mattress series to provide the comfort of a home mattress on the road for you and your guests.

Making the Most

To optimize the interior of a van, nearly everything needs to be multi-functional. With that in mind, we upgraded the plastic, driver’s side Murphy table with a large, bamboo desk. Every desk needs a chair so we designed high quality, folding jump seats to accompany it.

Then we thought, why not add storage and organization underneath it? From this, the Garage Storage System (GSS) and Countertop Seating System (CSS) were born, adding a functional office as well as gear storage and organization to the Storyteller Garage. 

The Cockpit

The center of every adventure; we wanted to make it as easy as possible to stay on the road. Everything from the NAV-Mount with its abundance of mounting options to our Console Table Bracket (CTB) and a variety of Console Tables, we hope to empower our customers to, whenever possible, go that extra mile.

The Office

Your home-office away from home, the Storyteller makes for a great mobile workspace with our versatile seating and tabletop enhancements.

The Bedroom

The products for this space are designed to serve as a retreat after a day of exploration or work. Our bedroom solutions for the Storyteller Overland Mode are thoughtfully curated to optimize both comfort and functionality.

Rewrite Your Story, Upfitting and Innovating The Exterior.

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