STOP-STAY™ Door Safety System (Patent Pending)

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Experience a transformation in functionality and safety with the STOP-STAY™ Door Safety System for your Mercedes Sprinter van. This system, equipped with advanced Rear Door Gas Struts, is a game-changer for 2019 and newer Sprinter models. It assures that your rear doors stay open reliably under any conditions, enhancing safety and ease of use during loading and unloading. 

The STOP-STAY™ Door Safety System addresses the common frustration of van doors that unexpectedly slam shut. By upgrading your Mercedes Sprinter with this innovative solution, you gain practicality and peace of mind. It makes your van more user-friendly, particularly in challenging environments with windy conditions or uneven terrains.

*Intermediate/Advanced install process. Recommended Hand Rivet Nut Tool.

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Embrace the Safety: Discover STOP-STAY™

Prevent Accidental Door Closures

With the STOP-STAY™ Door Safety System, the worry of sudden door closures becomes a thing of the past. The door remains open, guarding against any accidental closures ensuring a safer environment for you and anyone near the van.

Effortless Door Opening

Designed for effortless opening, a gentle touch on the handle is all it takes to smoothly open your Sprinter’s doors. This feature combines practicality and ease, making door operation a less challenging part of your daily routine.

Durable Design

Rigorously tested over hundreds of trials on a variety of Mercedes Sprinter vans, the STOP-STAY™ Door Safety System is proven for unmatched reliability and performance.

Van Doors Slamming? Not on Our Watch! STOP-STAY™

Upgrade Your Sprinter Experience

Secure, Stable and Durable

STOP-STAY™ Brings Safety and Ease to Your Mercedes Sprinter Van


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Customer Reviews

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Meng S.
I love it . No more door issues on the Revel

With boxes on both doors, I was worried that the shocks weren’t big enough but after a rigorous 10 day camping trip on uneven sites, I can’t believe these aren’t stock for safety reasons. Great product. I hope you guys are right about how many cycles they can take with weighted doors.

Tim S.
Stop and Stay Kit

Excellent kit with all needed parts, easy to install. Very practical and well engineered.


Neat idea and works decent, but I don’t feel the Rivnuts are going to withstand the forces these doors have with accessories, etc for too long. The gas shocks push the doors out at a fast enough rate that when they come to their limits and stop, the amount of force translating into the mounts on the Rivnuts is huge. I’m actually a little upset at myself that I went forward and drilled the holes, and I’m going to work with a friend to CNC some proper plates to remedy this part. Other than that the concept is awesome.

Hey Walter!

Thanks for your review and for raising your concerns about the Rivnuts. Prior to the product launch, we conducted rigorous testing across various scenarios, including multiple door openings and closures in diverse environments. To date, we haven't encountered any Rivnut failures, even after more than 1000 strut cycles and hundreds of installs. However, if you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist and resolve any problems that may arise.


Works exactly as described. Great product! 👍🏻

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