Canyon's Revel

A list of mods in our CAVans Enhanced Revel.

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The Beginning Of Canyon Adventure Vans

It all started on a fishing trip in a Revel...


On a fly-fishing trip in Nevada, we realized that the Revel has a massive garage for all of your gear, but it desperately needs organization. To solve our problem, we created the Garage Lounge Storage System (GLSS): a mod for the Revel Garage that could be used as storage, a bench seat, desk, or daybed and still be easily removed when you need the space.

The Ultra-Luxe Mattress

For anyone who has spent a night on a stock van mattress, you know that there’s a lot to be desired. After our first night, we went shopping for mattresses and realized that there weren’t easily accessible, high-quality mattresses that fit the Revel bed. In response, we created our Luxe Series Mattresses that are just as good as your home mattress, with the ULTRA-Luxe being our top-of-the-line, better-than-home mattress.

Revel-utionize It

Today, we’re the leading experts in interior mods for your Revel. Everything ranging from simple, no-brainer additions like Head Bumpers, CLIMA-SHADE™ Window Covers or a Showtime Curtain to substantial quality of life enhancements like Table Replacements, a Microwave Cabinet, Bed Risers for increased garage storage space and Gear Panels for extra mounting points.

The CAV Cab

After years of owning vans, we've upgraded our Winnebago Revel with some of our most popular Canyon Adventure Van products as well as mods and accessories from our trusted partners.

The CAVans Enhanced Revel Garage

The Revel Garage is famous for its abundance of space, but how do you want to use it? With the GLSS ProGSS Pro, Bed Risers Pro and other accessories, the garage can be your office, lounge area and gear storage, all in one.

Your Mobile Bedroom

Our Dream Series™ bedroom accessories and CLIMA-SHADE™ window covers guarantee that you can enjoy privacy and a good rest wherever and whenever you need it.

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