Upper Deck – Revel Roof Rack System

Upper Deck – Revel Roof Rack System



Lead Time- 8-10 Weeks depending on install availability dates
Install takes 4-5 days
Made To Order
Price Includes Install

The Upper Deck - Revel Roof Rack System is the ultimate deck platform to hang out on, sleep under the stars, shoot photography from above and store all of your adventure gear.



We use the Front Runner Brand roof rack system and customize it to fit perfectly over the entire roof top area. We cut around the air conditioner, MaxxFan and all of the access points to maximize the useable deck space.

Our Heavy Duty Roof Rack can hold 1000 lbs. on top with ZERO Issues.

Reinforced Bracing Underneath for Strength and Stability.

We Customized the Length for a larger  platform.

We re-fabricate the awning bracket to be secured to the roof rack base for extra support.

Price Includes Install


The entire process takes 4 days.

Once completed, you will have a new roof rack system to easily mount storage boxes, recovery gear, surf boards and just about anything you can think of. One of the best features of this style of roof rack is all of the aftermarket accessories available for plug & play usability.

*Price includes making a custom roof rack, removal of your old rack and installation of the new system. This is a very labor intensive install, so plan on leaving your van 4-5 full days.