Door Stoppers for 180 Hinges- SOLD AS A SET

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Door Stoppers for 180 Hinges. Pops right in and keeps the door from slamming shut.

After searching and searching, we finally found the ultimate door stop for Mercedes vans with 180 hinges.

Fits New Sprinter VS30 (2019+) chassis only- 180 hinges.

Not compatible with the 270 hinges.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Chad H.
A must have for every sprinter van.

Keeps the doors from closing on you when windy, or on unlevel ground. Simply, a must have if you open your rear doors! Thanks CA Vans!

Daniel K.
Its so nice to be able to load and unload the rear area and not get beaten up

We have been able to use these door stops for 2 weekend trips now. Its great to be able to load and unload things from the back of the Van without being beaten half to death by the doors swinging closed and hitting you in the back.

We love the basic simplicity of them. We did not wat to deal with yet another gas shock to wear out or mounting hardware to fail later down the road. This is a simple piece that works great!

Bev C.
Door Stoppers

I finally had the need to use my CAV Door Stoppers. I needed to travel through the big Pacific Northwest windstorm this weekend. Gusts up to 65 - 70 mph. were forecast. They were flawless! Held the big back door open so I had access to my dog crate for competition in and outs. I keep them in the netted storage area on the door. I parked so the wind would push the door closed versus wider open, using only 1 door. Never afraid I would get hit in the head when straight line winds and gust came though. Don’t need them often, but when you do…….

Nancy G.
Great addition!

These work so well and were such a great idea! We haven’t loaded all of the storage pieces on our doors yet, but when we do they will be extra heavy. These will definitely help to keep them open! Very easy to install and remove!

Stanley H.
Good solution to a bad problem

Our Revel has a cargo box/bike rack on the ps rear door. Even a slight incline or small breeze can easily overcome the faint resistance to closing provided by the wimpy factory door detents. Just takes that door swinging in on you once to send you looking for a solution.
These door stoppers are a good answer, and i use
them routinely, but will say that the ps rear door can still swing partly shut; just not likely to crush or amputate.
They store well in the mesh pockets of the rear doors, keeping them handy