Cargo Tray Slide-Out for 2021/22/23 Revel

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Cargo Tray Slide-Out is a heavy-duty, lightweight accessory specifically designed to fit the 2021/22 GLSS™ bench seats, providing an efficient solution for storing your ice chest, storage bins, and outdoor gear.

Experience ease and convenience in loading and unloading your essentials, whether it's for mountain biking, camping, or any outdoor adventure.

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Customer Reviews

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Byronn H.
Cargo slide out and risers

If your a mountain biker, these two items are a must. Excellent quality and works great!

Bill M.

Waders, conjunction with a good rear step, no need for chairs, sit on the cargo tray end and get it done!

Alastair W.
GLSS with Tray Slide Out - How did we live without it?

Love the GLSS - game changer for us and it made our Van feel twice as big and organized nearly all of our random storage.

Jim L.
Loading and offloading a breeze, new work surface!

I love the cargo slide. It makes loading and unloading the Revel center aisle a one step affair. No more load equipment through the back then go inside to position it, then out again to load the next item. Slide it out, throw everything on, slide it back in. And easy access and offloading once you arrive at your destination. Also, when you don’t have anything loaded, it makes an extendable table for working from ground level at the back of the Revel. I put marine flooring inside the frame. When I take a shower off the back of the Revel, I just pull out that marine flooring and throw it on the ground to keep my feet and wetsuit out of the dirt. A simple add on to the GLSS.

Jim L.
Would love it if it locked in the closed position.

Was excited to get my cargo slide. Opened the box to unpack it and found some plastic pieces in the wrapping. I think they were the end cushions. I installed the tray, not too hard to do - but no instructions in the box. Once installed, I was disappointed. I wanted to be able to walk on the tray to use the aisle when I have nothing on the tray. The plastic insert does not seem it will hold a person. It flexes quite a bit. More importantly, I can get the tray to lock open. But it will not lock closed. As I hit bumps, the tray slides back and hits the door. Right now I put a wedge in, but this is pretty klugey for something this expensive. Tried contacting Canyon Adventure Vans immediately, but no response after three days.

I loved the GLSS. It is disappointing that this product does not live up to the same quality.

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